Lady Fancy Nails x Circumference Daily Cuticle Oil

A nourishing blend of ethically sourced botanicals that invites you to take a moment out of your day for self care and connection.

Sold in-store exclusively at Opening Ceremony NY.

0.33 fl oz / 10 ml ℮

Customized for your hands, the botanical base oil of jojoba and argan is fortified with vitamin-rich baobab oil and the restorative benefits of sacha inchi, all minimally processed to ensure the highest levels of nutrients.

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LFN x Circumference Application
LFN x Circumference Box_Red

A creator of vibrant designs and expressions of individuality, Lady Fancy Nails has partnered with Circumference to develop a healthy and restorative approach to hand care—one that helps you show up for your day ready to embody your individual blend of creativity and bold self expression.

The Daily Cuticle Oil was created using Circumference’s model of environmental and social sustainability, sourcing native and indigenous ingredients from small, independent producers to support their growth.

Together, Lady Fancy Nails and Circumference are exploring wellness as a powerful intersection of personal practice and community connection, with a focus on caring for our hands—most often our first points of contact with each other, and the underappreciated workhorses of our creative and professional lives.

LFN x Circumference Twist
LFN x Circumference Ritual

The Daily Cuticle Oil invites you to create your own unique practice of wellness. Use it as part of your morning or evening regimen, after washing your hands, or anytime you could use an uplifting, earthy scent with the calming touch of lavender. The roll-on oil is light and quickly absorbed, delivering a gentle moisturizing treatment and leaving your hands with a soft sheen. So, take a moment for a small act of self care and pamper your hands for all the work they do.

LFN x Circumference Hand_Green
LFN x Circumference Balance

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Sold in-store exclusively at Opening Ceremony NY.

Photography: Peter Ash Lee (@peterashlee)

Photography Assistant: Mohammad Balatero (@oretalabom)

Creative Direction: Lady Fancy Nails (@ladyfancynails) x Circumference (@circumferencenyc)

Art Direction: Kapono Chung (@kaponoalexanderchung) & Nadia Lung (@nadia.lung) for Combo (@combo.nyc)

Hand Models: Tamayo Toler (@tamayohands), Kareem Murad (@darumeerk), Christina Grant (@christinagranthands)

Jewelry: Anna Kikue (@anna.kikue)

Special thanks to: Jun Harada (@haradawins), Geneva White (@genevalw), Noelle de la Paz (@_booksilog), & SOW (@sow.nyc)